The IMCC Steering Committee

The IMCC is guided by a Steering Committee composed of (in alphabetic order, with subject/research areas specified; all Oxford, unless stated otherwise): Prof. Roy Allison (international relations); Prof. John Coleman (phonetics and speech technology); Prof. David Doyle (political science); Dr Scott Hale (social data science); Prof. Sotaro Kita (psychology of language; Warwick); Prof. Elinor Payne (phonetics and phonology); Prof. Timothy Power (political science); Prof. Janet Pierrehumbert (language modelling); Prof. Francis Steen (communication studies; UCLA); Prof. Philip Torr (Torr Vision Group, engineering science and machine learning); Prof. Mark Turner (cognitive science; CWRU); Dr Peter Uhrig (linguistics, FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg); Dr Neil Verrall (psychology; DSTL); Dr Anna Wilson (area studies and linguistics)